These knives are designed by Ron Post especially for the Trapper and their skinning. Ron has trapped for over 34 years and has been making knives for 18 plus years. These knives are made of high carbon stain resistant 440c steel. They have a superior cutting and edge holding blade. Handles are made of wood micarta, making them waterproof. Comes with a leather sheath. Made in Canada.

Small Beaver Skinner
Cat #0319
$52.95 ea.

Large Beaver Skinner
Cat #0320
$62.95 ea.

Small Round Beaver
Cat #0533
$52.95 ea.

Round Beaver Skinner
Cat #0323
$62.95 ea.

Mini - Pelter
Cat #0534
$50.95 ea.

Small Pelter
Cat #0321
$50.95 ea.

Large Pelter
Cat #0321
$52.95 ea.

2 Hand Curved Flesher
Cat #Post1
$82.95 ea.

1 Hand Scraper
Cat #Post2
Hand Scraper

Cat #0557
$51.95 ea.


Caribou Knives are made from Swedish surgical stainless steel. These knives are heat-treated to obtain the best combination of hardness and durability. This is important in the blades ability to hold an edge. If it is too hard, it is hard to sharpen, if too soft it won’t hold an edge. Caribou knives are a quality product made in Canada and are fully guaranteed for quality workmanship and edge holding ability.

Small Mink
Cat #0511
$20.95 ea.

Small Skinner
Cat #0512
$24.95 ea.

Cat #0513
$24.95 ea.

Beaver Skinner
Cat #0514
$39.95 ea.

Large Pelter
Cat #0519
$24.95 ea.
large pelter

4-inch Skinner
Cat #0515
$48.50 ea.

Large Fleshing Tool
Cat #0516
$39.95 ea.

Small Fleshing Tool
Cat #0517
$29.95 ea.

Curved Flesher
Cat #0518
$71.95 ea.


Dexter/Russell Harrington knives are made of high carbon steel to their exact specifications. They are an excellent economical knife, used by professional skinners. All wood handle.

Round Beaver Skinnerround beaver skinner
Cat #0317
$17.95 ea.


Blades are made of High quality carbon stainless steel with taper ground beveled edges. Tempering process produces a superior edge that can be re-sharpened over and over again. Handles are made of nylon.

5" Beaver Skinner
Cat #0324
$28.50 ea.
6" Beaver Skinnerbeaver skinner
Cat #0325
$29.50 ea.


Victorinox - 10" steel
Packing house and butcher’s steel. - excellent quality steels. An industry standard- comes in Regular and Fine Cut.

Cat #0342
$25.95 ea.
Cat #0343
$25.95 ea.