"RAM" Power Snare Systems

The "RAM" kills quickly! This allows the use of lighter "Breakaway Snares" Holds your Coyote, but breaks for big game!

"RAM" Power Snare System Features:
- Made with the finest spring steel available - many grades better than your best conibear spring.
- No fur damage. Fully Guaranteed.
- Easily dyed using liquid trap dye, such as "Speed Dip".
- Simply designed - weatherproof trigger.
- No lock needed - the arms of the "RAM" are the best lock available.
- Comes equipped with a safety catch and one snare and full setting instructions.

Humane - Kills in minutes. No water heads.
Reduced Losses - Dead animals cannot chew out or attract thieves.
Increased Income - Better fur grades due to fast kill. Fur Buyers and Taxidermists prefer "RAM" caught fur.
No locks to Ice up - The "RAM" spring arms keep the pressure on so the snare cannot relax. The "RAM" - better than any lock.
Increased Production - Since the "RAM" kills your catch quickly, you can use smaller cable, which is harder for the animal to see.
More Selective - Use the Breakaway snare - holds your animal but breaks for big game.

Mini-RAM System w/ #13 snare
For Mink, Marten, Rabbit, Squirrel.

Cat #0001
$17.00 ea.
$185.50 doz.

RAM #1 System w/#10 snare
For Coyote, Beaver, Fox, Lynx, Wolverine, Raccoon.

Cat #0002
$22.50 ea.
$249.50 doz.

RAM #2 System w/#0 snare
For Lynx, Raccoon, Fox.

Cat #0003
$18.50 ea.
$205.50 doz.

Wolf Master w/#9 snare
For Wolf, Cougar, Wild Boar, Problem Bear.

Cat #0004
$26.00 ea.
$299.50 doz.

RAM Replacement Snares

3/64 1x7, 47”, Steel for Fox and Coyote, Deer

Cat #0082
$2.05 ea.
$23.00 doz.

3/32 7x7, 47”, Aircraft for Coyote.

Cat #0083
$2.05 ea.
$23.00 doz.

1/16 7x7, 26”, Aircraft, for Beaver, Raccoon w/

Cat #0085
$2.30 ea.
$26.00 doz.

1/16 1x19, 61”, Steel for Wolf use with Wolfmaster.

Cat #0087
$2.50 ea.
$28.00 doz.

5/64 1x19, 58” Steel use for Wolf. Boar, comes
with Wolfmaster.

Cat #0088
$2.50 ea.
$28.00 doz.

1/16 1x19, 47” Steel use for Coyote, comes w/RAM #1.

Cat #0089
$2.30 ea.
$26.00 doz.

3/64 7x7, 21” Aircraft, use for Mink, Marten comes w/ Mini.

Cat #0092
$2.30 ea.
$26.00 doz.

3/64 1x7, 25” Steel, for Fox, Lynx Raccoon, comes
w/RAM #2.

Cat #0093
$2.30 ea.
$26.00 doz.

3/32, 7x7, 56”, Aircraft, for Wild Boar, Wolf /

Cat #0489
$2.50 ea.
$28.00 doz.


the ram footStabilizes the RAM while setting. The steel whiskers keep the safety hook in an upright position - made from pressed, welded 12 gauge steel, weight - just over 1 lb.

Cat #0005
$11.50 ea.


Cat #0006
$1.75 ea.
Cat #0007
RAM #2
$1.75 ea.


Formed loop at one end, adjustable loop on the other end. 3/32, 7x7 Galvanized Aircraft Cable.

Cat # 0010 48” Length
$1.95 ea.
Cat # 0011 72” Length
$2.15 ea.


Put support into the ground, ice etc., then push the RAM coil on. This is a support ONLY, the RAM must be secured.

$3.75 ea.



With Bruce (Bert) Bertram Includes fence, trail, badger, beaver sets. Shows sets being made and catches Setting for multiple catches, how to hang snares properly, making trails, beaver neck snaring, setting adjusting, treating power snares. Many tips on snaring with or without the power snare

Cat# 0008
$35.95 ea.